The Chapter is a non-profit organization composed of members from the management, labor, academic, and public sectors. The group meets monthly to encourage research in all aspects of the field of labor, including employee and employee organizations, labor relations, personnel administration, social security, and labor legislation. The aim of the LERA is to promote the full discussion and exchange of ideas regarding the planning and conduct of research in the field of labor and to disseminate the significant results of such research. The Chapter also promotes the improvement of the materials and methods of instruction in the field of labor. The association takes no partisan attitude on question of policy in the field of labor, nor does it commit its members to any positions on such questions.


The 60-member chapter holds luncheon meetings the second Friday of each month, September through March, with a dinner meeting in April.  Officers are elected to two-year terms. Elections are conducted at the April dinner meeting in odd numbered years.


Dues are $35 Regular,  $120 for organizational memberships up to four members with additional memberships $30 each, retirees $10.  Student dues are underwritten by a donation to the chapter.  All memberships are valid for 12 months. Annual dues are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. (LERA is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions/gifts to LERA are tax deductible.)

Wisconsin LERA History

An organizational meeting was held on March 31, 1958, at UW-Madison, at which time the Chapter by-laws were drafted. The National had begun in 1948.

In March 1960 the possibility of disbanding or splitting the chapter into two sections, one in Milwaukee and one in Madison, was discussed.  Attorney Dan Shneidman convinced labor attorneys in the Milwaukee area to join, and meetings were held alternately between Milwaukee, Madison and Whitewater.

At the September 30, 1970 meeting, the Advisory committee again decided to divide the chapter into two sections, Milwaukee and Madison.  In 1971, the chapter moved solely to Milwaukee and non-profit status for the chapter was obtained.

Since then, the chapter has scheduled monthly luncheons and a dinner in April.  The chapter has also conducted annual conferences since 2007 and has won several National LERA  awards, including two Star Awards.

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