Membership/Event Dues and Fees

Dues and Fees may now be securely paid by credit card through PayPal:

Fee structure

  • $200…..membership and all meetings ($175 if paid by first meeting in October)
  • $40…….annual membership (due for all who attend more than one meeting)
  • $30…….individual meeting fee
  • $35…….dinner meeting fee

New Practitioner rate for members who have been in the field less than 5 years:

  • $10.00 annual membership
  • $10.00 individual meeting fee ($25 for dinner meeting, if any)
  • $25.00 dinner meeting fee

Individual Meeting Fee for Guests/Students

  • $10.00 individual meeting fee for a Student/guest who accompany a LERA member (1x annually per individual)

NEW Institutional Membership:               $1,000

  • Includes attendance at all LERA meetings for any five individuals from a firm or organization per meeting. The membership attaches to the organization; consequently individual attendees may vary from meeting to meeting.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make checks payable to “Philadelphia LERA.”
Checks may either be presented at the meeting or sent to:

Philadelphia LERA
c/o Alidz Oshagan, Treasurer
Law Offices of Willig, Williams & Davidson
1845 Walnut Street, 24th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103