We are excited to announce that you can now receive a discount for registering a group of people for a LERA Membership.  You can now register up to eight people from the same organization for $200 and up to twelve people from the same organization for $275. Each additional member is $20.

We ask that each group be from the same organization. LERA succeeds the more you and your co-workers participate.  Please encourage everyone to join and get involved. LERA is a volunteer organization and is always looking for new volunteers to help LERA grow.

To register a group, please send the check for the appropriate amount (see above), along with list of individuals (Please include first name, last name, and email address) to:

Oregon LERA, PO Box 8816, Portland, OR 97207

To register group members with a credit card online, please send a request for an nvoice with the list of individuals to be registered (include First Name, Last Name, email address) to Phil Lesch, Vice President Membership, at membership@oregonlera.com.

Questions? Please contact Phil Lesch, Vice President, at membership@oregonlera.com.