Another great reason to attend the Northwest Chapter of LERA’s 43rd Annual Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Conference!

Reason Number 3: Team Building

When we talk team building at the NWLERA annual conference, we are not talking about trust falls and marshmallow towers. (What you do outside of conference is not our business!) Rather, we encourage learning together to improve communications and understanding.

Team building helps teams understand each other better, build trust, and work better together. So why not bring your team to our conference for an impactful two-day opportunity to grow together? Attend the workshops and share highlights, tips, and insights at meals. Plan and discuss what might be effective in your situation and identify new opportunities and strategies as a team.

April 16-17, 2020 | More Information

Image of a team tossing a team member in the air.
(P.S. We don’t anticipate tossing anyone in the air.)