2018-19 in Review

New Jersey LERA conducts five to six dinner meetings each year, with a unique and genial group of attendees and members who enjoy learning more about the latest challenges and successes in the field, and developing their networking base.

On February 4 the New Jersey LERA Chapter had a landmark meeting on changes in earned sick leave law in New Jersey, keynoted by the NJ Commissioner of Labor Robert Asaro-Aneglos. David Fish, NJ DOL, and John Sarno, Employers Association of New Jersey (EANJ), also spoke. Employer representatives filled the tables at the event, and brought with them many questions about the implementation of the new law. Many NJ LERA regular members attended, even if the law did not directly impact their practice, because they were interested in the law and its ramifications. The result was that the Chapter gained new members, benefited from an informative topic, and demonstrated its appeal to a broad community of professionals interested in how workplaces operate in the State of New Jersey.

New Jersey LERA met on March 25 for an evening with arbitrators Melissa Biren, Lisa Charles, and Joyce Klein with a “Red Light/Green Light” presentation addressing school law and health care involving contractual and disciplinary matters. For each issue, how arbitrators analyze the issues and determine the outcome was explored.

On May 13 dinner was followed by a presentation on recent legislation arising from the #MeToo Movement. NJ Legislature has revised the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) to prohibit the enforcement of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) against employees and former employees who enter into settlement agreements, in response to the #MeToo movement. The session explored the debate over NDAs means for New Jersey’s employees and employers.