Our Board of Directors

LERA-MAINE’s by-laws ensure that each of our major constituencies, (labor, management, and neutrals) are represented in our leadership and on all committees. To that end, our Board of Directors is comprised of three representatives from each of those constituencies.


    Paul Gaspar, Maine Association of Police

    Ron Green, Professional Firefighters of Maine

    Dan Felkel, Esq., Troubh, Heisler & Pampiano


    Liam Gallagher, Director of Human Resources, Town of Scarborough

    Annalee Rosenblatt (Treasurer, Past President), Management Consultant



    Shari Broder (past President, acting secretary), Arbitrator/Mediator

    Christine Newhall, American Arbitration Association

    Rebekah Smith, Arbitrator/Mediator (President)

Founder/Board Member Emeritus:  Sheila Mayberry, (National LERA Rep), Arbitrator/Mediator