1. NAME . This Association shall be known as the Labor and Employment Relations Association.
  2. PURPOSE . The purposes of this Association are:
    • the encouragement of research in all aspects of the field of labor, employment, and the workplace, including employer and employee organization, employment and labor relations, human resources, labor markets, income security, and related fields, including their international and comparative dimensions in all pertinent disciplines—industrial relations, history, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, law, management, labor studies, and others;
    • the promotion of full discussion and the exchange of ideas between and among all constituencies— academic, labor, management, neutral, and public—on the planning, development, conduct, and results of research in these fields and the usefulness and application of the research to practice and policy;
    • the dissemination to researchers, practitioners, and the public, through various meetings, materials and publications, of research results, discussions and exchanges; and ideas of interest to the membership;
    • the improvement of the materials and methods of instruction in these fields.
    • The Association will assume no partisan position on questions of policy in these fields, nor will it commit its members to any position on such questions.
    • The Association affirms its support for fundamental worker and human rights in the workplace and for the rights of employees, employers, and their organizations to full freedom to organize and administer their activities and to formulate and pursue their lawful purposes.
  3. MEMBERSHIP . In accordance with the Bylaws, membership shall be open to anyone interested in the purposes of the Association.