By Mindy Reiser, Ph.D. Consulting Sociologist and Board Member, DCLERA

Just wanted to let you know what a lively and stimulating session fellow Board member, Amber Barth, the Director of the ILO Office  for the United States and Canada, along with Andrea Cuba Sanchez, her Communications and Information Assistant, organized on April 9, 2024 for DCLERA.

L to R — Pawel Gmyrek, Janine Berg and Amber Barth

The session, focusing on the recent ILO Working Paper on Generative AI and Jobs: A global analysis of¬†potential effects on job quantity and quality (available here) brought to the gathering two of the study’s authors, Pawel Gmyrek and Janine Berg, who deftly summarized the report’s highlights. A lively discussion followed. Those of us in the ILO office for the session, also enjoyed a delicious lunch, courtesy of the ILO.