The only organization in Washington, DC where professionals interested in all aspects of workplace relations and human resources come together to share ideas and learn about new developments, issues and practices in the field.

DC LERA is a non-partisan labor relations forum in Washington, D.C. where conflicting ideas and ideologies coexist. Under our sponsorship, Washington professionals and scholars concerned with labor relations and human resources gather to discuss news and debate policy. Our Chapter frames those discussions with speakers on crucial economic, legal, policy, and social issues in employer–employee relations.

DC LERA mourns the passing of national LERA President William E. Spriggs.

See his work highlighted in this video.

Video courtesy of the ILO Office for the US and Canada. See here for more information.

Thanks to our location, the DC LERA draws support from the Washington policy community, with members and speakers from government, academia, unions, think tanks, and policy advocacy organizations—and notably from the Executive branch and Congress. Consequently, we offer extraordinarily opportunities for labor relations professionals, union leaders, policy specialists, scholars, and students to enrich their knowledge and expand their networks.

Our program goes beyond domestic policy. A special dimension of the DC LERA’s program is international labor relations. We are honored and privileged to have several representatives of Washington’s diplomatic delegations as active participants on our Chapter Board of Governors. We organize an annual international event where attachés and counselors give presentations on labor relations in Asia and Europe.

Our strategy is variety. We present our members with a broad spectrum of facts, viewpoints, opinions, and ideologies. But personal relationships are also important. We regularly sponsor social events to support networking among our members and friends. Professional competence derives from strong specialization built on a wide base of understanding and knowledge.

Please join us. Simply click here to go to our online membership page. Dues are:

  • Regular – $40
  • Retired – $30 retired
  • Early Career – $20 (recent graduate, apprentice, recently changed careers)
  • Nonprofit / Not for Profit – $20
  • In Transition – $20 (seeking a job, unemployed, under-employed)
  • Student – $20
  • Organizational Sponsors – $250-$1000

The DC LERA has been affiliated with National IRRA since 1950.

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