Date(s) - 05/18/21
2:00 pm - 4:45 pm

COLERA Spring Conference

Session One

Paid Leave and Its Impact on the Workplace

Elizabeth Brown

Speaker: Elizabeth Brown, Columbus City Council, President Pro Tempore (Brown Bio)

Paid family leave policies in the United States fall short of the standards set in most other countries and are especially deficient in comparison to other developed countries. The lack of a minimum standard — much less an adequate standard — for paid leave policies hurts families, and it hurts employers. Columbus City Council President Pro Tem Elizabeth Brown will provide an overview of paid family leave trends, their results for employees, and her experience with their implications for labor relations. She will cover her own work by implementing a paid family leave policy with the City of Columbus employees in coordination with its six collective bargaining units.

Session Two

Challenges for Arbitrators Over the Last Year: Off-Duty Conduct, and Social Media Affecting Employee Discipline and Virtual Hearings

Speakers: Sandra Mendel Furman , NAA, Arbitrator and Mediator (Furman Bio); Jerry B. Sellman (Sellman Bio), NAA, Arbitrator and Mediator; Robert G. Stein (Stein Bio), NAA, Arbitrator and Mediator

Sandra Mendel Furman

Jerry B. Sellman

Robert G. Stein

The last year has created some new norms that have significantly impacted arbitration. Since employees are working from home, what is on-duty and off-duty? The arbitrators will discuss the rising culpability of employees for off-duty conduct. Have recent social media considerations shaped the handling of discipline cases? The Arbitrators will discuss when employees do and employees do not get disciplined for social media activity. Since Virtual Hearings, at least to some degree, are here to stay, the arbitrators will discuss the handling of preliminary matters that will ensure a smooth hearing.


Scott DiMauro, COLERA President and President of the Ohio Education Association

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