Local Trends Related To Law Enforcement Officers


October 17, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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State Library
1980 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43223
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Local Trends Related To Law Enforcement Officers

Recruitment, Retention, Reputation, and Investigations

The Chief of the Columbus Police Department, Elaine Bryant, will present the issues employers of local law enforcement officers face.  Discussion will focus on topics such as the cause of current recruitment and retention problems employers face.  These challenges include public perception of law enforcement officers, officer morale, and private sector employee competition.  In addition, the speaker will discuss the recent 10th District Court of Appeals decision on a local union’s recent challenge to CPD’s usage of an outside law firm to complete administrative investigations into CPD officers’ behavior in the summer of 2020.

This presentation will examine how public perception has detrimentally impacted police officers’ morale and their willingness to persist in their profession.  Community relations have been challenged, and police officers are often portrayed as poorly trained in such matters despite the reality that most officers are well-trained and excellent in their profession.  As a result of such criticism towards police officers, most police departments face unprecedented attrition and severe recruitment and retention challenges.  Successful recruitment and retention of the best law enforcement officers is critical for a safe, thriving community, and Chief Bryant of the Columbus Police Department will discuss strategies they have been taking to improve their recruitment and retention.  In addition, she will be discussing other challenges recently faced by CPD due to a recent 10th District Court of Appeals decision regarding the completion of administrative investigations by a law firm outside of the department and changes to their administrative investigatory process as a result of the decision.


Columbus Police Department Chief Elaine Bryant

Beginning her career with the Detroit Police Department on August 31, 2000, Chief Bryant has worked in law enforcement for over two decades.  Her first assignment was with the Housing Support Division, a federally funded unit responsible for the safety patrol of public housing units and senior living facilities.  Chief Bryant worked several high-profile units within the Detroit Police Department, such as Executive Protection, Missing and Exploited Children’s Task Force, and the Office of the Chief, where she served as a liaison for the department and outside agencies to prepare for Super Bowl XL, hosted in the City of Detroit in February of 2006.

In June of 2006, Chief Bryant was promoted to sergeant.  During her tenure as sergeant, her assignments included Domestic Violence, Tenth Precinct, Office of the Chief Investigator, and Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator office.  In November of 2013, Chief Bryant was promoted to lieutenant.  As a lieutenant, she served as the Training Director for the Detroit Police Academy.  Her duties included managing the Field Training Officer program, Basic Recruit Training, Firearms Training, and In-Service Training.  She was then re-assigned to the Chief’s Neighborhood Liaison office, where she had the opportunity to work closely with the community on many projects such as CITI (Children in Trauma Intervention) Camp, National Night Out, Chief’s Cupid Senior Valentine’s Day Dance, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, and PAL’s (Police Athletic League) Team Up program just to name a few.  As the Chief’s Neighborhood Liaison officer, she was responsible for the Neighborhood Police Officer program, Reservists, LGBTQ Liaison program, Junior Cadets and Explorers programs, Chaplains, and Traffic Safety.

In April of 2016, Chief Bryant was promoted to captain.  Her first command as a captain was the Tenth Precinct, where she was responsible for the overall operation.  In July 2016, she was re-assigned as the Commanding Officer of Homicide.  As the Commanding Officer of Homicide, her top priorities were to ensure that every investigation and complaint received the highest level of service, which included providing social services to victims’ families.  On September 5, 2017, Chief Bryant was promoted to Commander.  She served as the Commanding Officer of Major Crimes, where she oversaw Homicide, Arson, Missing Persons, Special Victims Units (Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse), Crime Scene Services, Commercial Auto Theft, and the General Assignment Unit.  Chief Bryant was re-assigned as the Commanding Officer of the Professional Standards Bureau in January 2019, which consisted of Internal Affairs, Force Investigations, the Integrity Unit, and the Disciplinary Administration Unit.


Gwen Callender, COLERA Vice President


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