Date(s) - 04/19/22
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Elections 2022

Virtual Meeting

Why Has Ohio Re-Districting Been So Legally Challenged . . . and . . . What Bigger ‘Twists & Turns’ to Expect in the 2022 Primary and General Elections?”
Given that the legal aspects of the upcoming Ohio elections in 2022 are fast-moving and ever-changing, voters have too many questions to count regarding the upcoming Ohio election. This presentation will include a background on the legal requirements, processes, and history behind the various court battles over the Ohio General Assembly and Congressional districts, along with information regarding the legal background behind it and insights into the potential need to have two spring primary elections and/or a later spring primary election in Ohio for 2022.

Topics for discussion by the speakers will also include questions regarding issues such as:

When and if the U.S. Supreme Court and/or Congress will write new, clearer, more specific rules as to how legislative districting will be done in the 50 different states across the country?  How is the word “fair” defined, policed, and enforced legally? Why has the U.S. Supreme Court been unable and/or reluctant to enter the partisan battles over districting and Gerrymandering? Why and how will primary voting rules and timing in Ohio affect voter turnout and the voting process? Who votes in 2022 in Ohio and how does being a non-Presidential election impacts turn-outs and the intensity of the legal battle? What is at stake on the ballot in 2022 for Ohio and its judicial process?  How will new voting rules affect Ohio’s Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals elections? What are likely to be statewide issues on the fall of 2022 Ohio ballot and how do they impact voter turn-out? What are Ohio voters likely to decide in the fall of 2022, and how will it affect the legislative and administrative branches statewide? Finally, should the courts do more or less to “police” social media and how it might affect campaigns, election outcomes, etc.?

Our Speakers are Dr. Herb Asher and Mr. Terry Casey.

           Dr. Herb Asher is a professor emeritus of political science at The Ohio State University. He previously served as counselor to the university president, senior vice president for government affairs, special assistant to the university president for government relations, and founding director of the John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public Policy.  He is frequently called upon as an expert political analyst by local and national media. Dr. Asher earned his degrees at Bucknell University (B.S. Mathematics) and the University of Michigan (M.A. and Ph. D. in political science).  Dr. Asher serves as a faculty adviser to several student organizations, including the Ohio State University College Democrats. He also serves on the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees of Hillel and formerly served as faculty adviser to the Undergraduate Student Government, College Republicans, and to two fraternities. Dr. Asher is a former member and chair of the Ohio Ethics Commission and is currently a member of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. He was also a member of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission and is currently on the board of trustees of Equality Ohio. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees of Community Research Partners, a former member of the Board of Trustees of the Columbus Metropolitan Club, a former member of the Ohio State University Alumni Association Board of Directors, and a former president of the Ohio State University Faculty Club. Dr. Asher has authored numerous books and articles. He is currently working on The History of Ohio State University during the Second Administration of President Gordon Gee and will be writing a book on the lessons of university presidential and trustee leadership.

Terry Casey is a graduate of Ohio State University, with business administration and journalism studies. Mr. Casey has worked for over five decades with state legislators, including Speaker Jo Ann Davidson, judges, mayors, state officeholders, members of Congress, community groups, schools, etc., for research and media on various public policy issues.  He was the Former Administrative Assistant to Columbus Mayor Tom Moody and U.S. Congressman Sam Devine.  He was a Board Member of the Franklin County Board of Elections for 14 years and Board Chairman for 12 years.  He was the former Chairman of the State Board of Voting Machine Examiners. Since January 2011, Mr. Casey has been the Chairman of the State Board of Personnel Review appointed by Governor John Kasich.  Mr. Casey has been a regular panelist on WOSU-TV “Columbus on the Record” for the past eleven years.  He is also a regular on other media/news programs, including WCMH-TV’s Spectrum show with Colleen Marshall and WBNS-TV’s Face the State. Mr. Casey is an extensive student of history and travel.  He has visited 23 different countries in Europe and 6 continents.


Meeta Bass, COLERA President, and Arbitrator/Mediator

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