The Effect of Bargaining in the Public Sector


September 19, 2023    
11:30 am - 1:00 pm


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Columbus Metropolitan Library - Main Library Auditorium
96 S Grant Ave, Columbus, OH, 43215
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The Effect of Bargaining in the Public Sector: 40 Years of Collective Bargaining in Ohio


Mike Duco, OCSEA
Linda Fiely, AFSCME
Attorney Blaine Brockman
Victor Dandridge, OCB

Arbitrator Tom Nowell

This presentation will examine the implementation of SB 133.  Specifically, the presenters will discuss the first round of collective bargaining between State employees and agencies in 1986, creating a resolution procedure for collective bargaining disputes, including mediation, fact-finding, conciliation amongst parties, and required timelines for striking employees.  The discussion will also focus on the statutory requirements of Ohio Revised Code §4117.08, which defined topics required for collective bargaining, including wages, hours, or terms and other conditions of employment and the continuation, modification, or deletion of an existing provision of a collective bargaining agreement.  The statutory language also established the right for public sector bargaining unit employees to file grievances based upon alleged violations of the collective bargaining agreements.  Finally, presenters will discuss the evolution of collective bargaining since the 1986 negotiations and talk about the changes they have seen over the 40 years since the bill was originally voted into law in Ohio.


Carolyn Borden, Mediator

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