The 100-member chapter meets monthly, September through May, for lunch and a program.  These luncheon gatherings provide a stimulating forum for speakers from all parts of the industrial relations arena including management, labor, government, attorneys, and academicians. Representatives from management, labor, government, attorneys, and academicians bring a variety of perspectives to the group, encouraging lively discussion of current events in employee and industrial relations. The chapter publishes a membership directory, cosponsors workshops, and seminars, and holds an annual year-end social event.


Would you like to become a member of COLERA? Membership is from September 1 through August 31. We ask that all new comers and renewing members submit their membership form and the membership fee. *Note: This fee is separate from the monthly charge for luncheons.

If you haven’t joined or paid your dues for the new year, please click on the Membership link at the top. You will be able to either

  1. Mail your check to Secretary-Treasurer Colleen Arnett1335 Dublin Road, Suite 108-B
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
  2. Or, pay online with a credit card.

Dues are $25 regular, $10 students and retired.

Affiliated with National LERA since 1965.

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